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Tea from the Camellia sinensis plant

On a recent visit to China we did a tour of the Seven Star Tea Plantation which is about 6 kilometres north of Yangzhou. It is run as an organic farm, with no pesticides being used. We felt privileged to … Continue reading

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Long Nosed Bandicoot – Friend or Foe

We have had a lot of holes being dug around the garden and some of my plants have been pulled out of the ground. I had also seen a lot of digging in the compost heap, so I set the … Continue reading

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Our Ethical Audit

Reading through an article in a gardening club newsletter I was taken with the theme of doing my own ethical audit. We are very far from a low footprint but have tried over the past few years to be more … Continue reading

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Keeping the Birds from eating all the Figs!

I have a small Fig tree (Ficus carica) which produces lovely fruit,  green on the outside and pink in the middle. The birds love them and last year I didn’t manage to  get any fruit. I had used bags to … Continue reading

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July in South East Queensland

The weather is cool and dry at the moment, which is a relief after the wet and humid summer. Yesterday I saw this baby koala in the front paddock, so cute. Koalas  are in serious decline and suffer from the … Continue reading

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