Keeping the Birds from eating all the Figs!

I have a small Fig tree (Ficus carica) which produces lovely fruit,  green on the outside and pink in the middle.

The birds love them and last year I didn’t manage to  get any fruit. I had used bags to cover individual  fruit which didn’t stop the birds at all. One morning I watched two crows working together to untie a bag over the very last fig, it’s hard not to admire their tenacity!

This year I have put a double layer of bird netting over the tree and today we also put up a “Scare Hawk” as an added defense to deter the birds.

The tree isn’t very large but produces very well and today we managed to pick 6 ripe figs which were delicious. I’m hoping to get enough to make a couple of jars of jam.

We are interested in seeing whether the hawk is successful in keeping birds away from the trees, as even with the netting the birds often still peck at the fruit. If it works we’ll also put them near the other trees as their fruit develops.

I had to pick all of my plums and make jam, while they were still green to avoid both the birds and the Queensland Fruit Fly Bactrocera tryoni. Some of the many challenges of trying to grow fruit and vegetables in the sub tropics.


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