Our Ethical Audit

audit checklist

Reading through an article in a gardening club newsletter I was taken with the theme of doing my own ethical audit.

We are very far from a low footprint but have tried over the past few years to be more aware and less wasteful.



  • We grow our own organic vegetables and fruit, however not enough to totally sustain us. This said each year we are eating more from the garden and reducing what we buy.
  • We make our own jam and sauces, sometimes our bread.
  • We do try to source as much locally grown or fair-trade food as possible and are very conscious of its place of origin.
  • We seek to only buy Australian caught fish – fresh, however have fallen down with a few tins of tuna and salmon.
  • We buy Australian manufactured cleaning products which are garden/septic safe and highly concentrated, with no wasteful packaging.
  • We reuse, refuse and recycle. Each year we reduce what we waste, most importantly we buy less and waste less. We are happy that when we put our bins out for collection they are half empty.
  • We have replaced lights with energy efficient bulbs
  • We do not have air conditioning and have installed blinds and window film to reduce radiant heat.
  • We have no mains water or sewerage so are very conscious of how these precious resources are managed.
  • We compost all organic matter which is eventually put back into the garden.
  • Try to reduce our use of electric appliances and where possible buy manual equivalents.
  • Try to reduce our use of plastics and avoid anything which is designed to use only once.

Our goal is to reduce our dependence on the supermarkets, buy locally or direct from farmers where possible and be kind to our environment.

Our journey over the past 9 years has been amazing, from being overwhelmed with what we didn’t know to the joy of picking fruit and vegetables for our meals.

Our glorious native animals and birds within reach, the beauty of the Australian landscape, all on our doorstep.

How lucky are we?

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