Rain and Koalas

Rain has continued this week and we are very lucky not to be caught up in the floods that are affecting most of Queensland.  We are lucky too that our house is at the top of the hill well away from the creeks that run through our property. The sheer force of the creeks is amazing, from barely a trickle to a dangerous waterway in a matter of hours.

I had planned to spend these two weeks of my holiday gardening, however have only managed to snatch a few days outside.

Most of the plants, especially the fruit trees have been enjoying all of the water. At times like these I am grateful that our soil is free draining. I have fertilised the trees ensuring that the rain will wash it into the roots.

Of course the insects are breeding well and I am not able to keep up with the fruit fly baits, which keep get washed away with each shower. I have now given up on my tomatoes, which have been spoiled.

Earlier this week as we were heading down the driveway we were lucky to spot a Koala that quickly scaled one of the large eucalypts to stay out of harm?s way. I had been lamenting not having seen a Koala on our property for two years; it was definitely an uplifting experience to see one again.  We managed get a photo although it?s not the best you can at least discern the Koala in the tree.

We have seen more snakes than usual; I imagine that they are being driven from their homes because of the rain. Of course the cane toads are everywhere and even come out during the day now. It is very alarming to see the large numbers of both small and large toads. I grieve for the damage they are doing to our wildlife.

The rain is set to continue here in Queensland for the next few months, although hopefully not as heavily as these past few weeks. It will be interesting to watch the changes in the wildlife and the landscape.

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